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Tulsa is home to almost 400 thousand people. With all the people in Tulsa, there are a lot of homes that have pests. With so many homes with pests, Tulsa has a lot of pest control companies.  SO, how do you know what pest control company in Tulsa will protect your home properly?  Here are a few helpful tips to help save you money and headaches in the long run.

Look For A Pest Control Company That Does In-Wall Treatments 

When looking for a pest control company make sure they do an in wall treatment. Most pests will live inside the walls of your home. Pests really like this area mainly because it will protect them from the heat in the hot summer months, and it will also keep them warm during the cold winter months. Most pest control companies will just treat around the baseboard. Spraying around the baseboard will only kill some of the pests. A reputable pest control company places a product directly inside the wall, which will kill the pest at the source of the infestation.

Look For A Pest Control Company That Does A Power Spray 

The in wall treatment will do an excellent job on kill all the pests inside your home, but what about the outside. Preventing the pests from coming inside the walls takes additional efforts outside as well. Pest control treatments that are done correctly will have a power spray done around the foundation of the home. The power spray will have enough power to penetrate into the soil and under the rocks around the home. The power spray will also be able to place a strong barrier around your home; this will kill any pest trying to sneak in.


Look For A Pest Control Company That Granulates 

The power spray will work very will at preventing pest from coming in, but you also need to kill the pests at the source of the problem. Most pests will live at the base of plants and trees. At the base, pests will eat the roots and drink the water from the drippers. Using a product call granules will help kill the entire pest problem. The granules are activated from the water, and then the product will seep down to the base of the plants. If this part of the treatment is not done you will continue to see and here more pests.

Look For A Pest Control Company That Has Good Reviews 

Doing this kind of treatment will control the entire pest problem at your home. All three parts must be done or the problem will only get worse. A lot of pest control companies will try to do short cuts and cheat to save money. To see if a company is doing this, check reviews that costumers have posted.  Companies that use short cuts will have little to no reviews on the service. A company that is not taking any short cuts and controlling the pest will have the opposite, therefore have more reviews.  Good places to see how companies rate up are Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Family Own Pest Control, and Angie’s list.  Doing this is the easiest way to see how other pest control companies work, and if they really are doing their job.

Pest Control Tulsa 

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Tulsa Ant Control – Tulsa Pest Control Review

Bulwark Pest Control, Tulsa gets a Google review on ant control in Tulsa OK.

Great company – mring424 – Jul 27, 2009

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 Stars!

I have had other companies in this area but none of them got rid of my ants. They kept coming out until they were all gone. Louie was excellent and always helpful and courteous everytime that he came out. I Highly recommend Bulwark.

Thanks for the great review.  Ants are difficult to control and sometimes it takes a service that goes the extra mile to ensure proper ant control.  Bulwark guarantees to get rid of ants and then to keep them out!


Want More Pest Control Reviews?

Great company – phesone17 – Jul 27, 2009

I have been with the company over 2 years and love the service that they provide. I would never go anywhere else.?

And Bulwark will never go anywhere else.  We are here to stay.  We are not a fly  by the night pest control company that looks to auction off its customers to the highest bidder.  We care about our service and we care about you. Thanks for the review it shows us that our technicians care and that the company’s message is getting through.

Bulwark is recommended by 94% of customers.

Call for Tulsa Ant Control Services!


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