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How To Spot A Brown Recluse Infographic

The Brown Recluse spider.

With each word, that line gets more and more terrifying.

The Brown Recluse spider is a staple to Tulsa, right along with Sooner football and fried catfish. Unfortunately, the Brown Recluse isn’t nearly as fun as screaming “boomer sooner” at the TV screen while you’re elbow deep into a bucket of fried catfish.

The Brown Recluse spider has earned its malicious reputation because of the nature of its bites. If you are ever bitten, chances are you won’t even know it until it’s too late. It takes about a week before you’ll experience pain from a Brown Recluse bite. About this time, the infected bite area will be red, with shades of grey and purple. As the wound progresses, the living tissue will begin to decay and die; a symptom known as necrosis. Yikes!

Well, its easy to establish how awful a Brown Recluse bite is, and we know we don’t want them in our homes. What we don’t all know is exactly how to spot one.

The following infographic, is a guide to understanding and spotting Brown Recluse spiders:

How To Spot A Brown Recluse Infographic

 Brown Recluse Infographic

Tulsa Brown Recluse Spider Control

I know it goes without saying, but nobody wants the misfortune of dealing with a Brown Recluse spider bite. Extreme spiders require extreme measures. That is why you need to solicit professional Tulsa Brown Recluse Spider Control if you are frequently seeing these dangerous spiders inside your home. Check the online reviews for pest control companies. These companies happen to be the best in town:

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Wasp Ruins My Labor Day

Stinging wasp activity, like that of the pesky yellow jacket, happens to peak during the late summer; and boy did I find out the hard way. I was stung… No, I was attacked!

Wasp Sting

Wasp Ruins My Labor Day

It was a typical Labor Day holiday. Like most Americans, I was spending my holiday outdoors, at a park, with my family. Among the sweet soda and grilling hotdogs, something sinister was lurking.

While enjoying my outdoor Labor Day picnic, I feel this small quiver underneath my blouse. I brush at it, thinking nothing of it at first, when I realize that ‘quiver’ inside my blouse has legs… and a bad temper! It’s a wasp who was flying happily along, and somehow flew inside my blouse, and it definitely does not want to be there. The wasp starts stinging. OUCH!!!

I started running around, frantically screaming! The people around me must have been wondering if I was on bath salts or something. Each time I slap at the wasp, my blouse shakes it loose. The wasp falls a little lower into all-new sections of my body; and the wasp would get mad again, and sting again!

Eventually the wasp made its way out of my clothes; or maybe I just mashed it. Either way, I was in pain. I began to swell up and itch. Needless to say, my fun day was over.

So much for a happy Labor Day!



One of the scariest and most notorious stinging pests is definitely the mighty wasp. There are about 30,000 species of wasps in the world. They all range in color and size. The most common is definitely the yellow and black stinger, but they can also be brown, orange, bright red and metallic blue. Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times, but only the female wasp is able to sting.

In nature wasps are some of the most beneficial stingers. Most insects are preyed upon by at least one species of wasps. The adult wasp will eat only nectar, but will hunt out insects to feed to its young and growing larvae. Wasps are even used in the agriculture business as a way of controlling the pest population, because they will only prey on other pests and not cause harm to crops.

Wasps can be either solitary or social. We commonly see solitary wasps on flowers. All solitary wasps are fertile, and after laying an egg have no interaction with their larva. In social wasp colonies, generally, only the queen will be fertile. Nests are built in holes underground, in trees and plants, along riverbanks, and preferable in sunny spots.

Castes systems amongst wasps are not predetermined like in other bees. A female can earn her way to royalty by dominance and behavior. Some become queen, by being able to eat all of the other fertile females’ eggs and some by simply producing the most eggs.

Author Bio 

 is a journalism student and blogger for Bulwark Exterminating, an industry leader in providing high quality pest control services. When I’m not playing with my two adorable nieces, I’m rocking out to the newest One Direction song.

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Oklahoma Bats Dying

Bat showing symptoms of White-nose Syndrome

Across 28 affected U.S. states, an estimated 10 million bats have died because of a deadly white fungus associated with White-Nose Syndrome (WNS). In the last couple years it has been determined that the deadly disease has spread to the state of Oklahoma and the result could be devastating to the State’s bat population.

White-Nose Syndrome In Oklahoma

In May of 2010 disease surveillance discovered the presence of the white fungus associated with White-Nose Syndrome in northwest Oklahoma. Since then, the disease has spread throughout much of the state. This is very bad news for the 23 different species of bat that call Oklahoma their home. It’s important to note that WNS only affects hibernating bats; as 16 of the 23 species of Oklahoma bat are classified as hibernating.

White-Nose Syndrome affects hibernating bats by covering them with a white, fuzzy fungus. This fungus will alter the bat’s hibernation schedule, causing them to awake during the colder winter months in which they should be preserving their energy. The affected bats essentially burn through all of their energy reserves too early, before they can hunt for insect prey, and die of starvation. The white fungus can also spread to a bat’s wing membranes, and bodies, affecting their ability to fly, regulate body temperature, and blood pressure.

The hardest hit bat in Oklahoma is by far, the Cave Myotis. Other species of bat that scientists are extremely concerned about include: the Indiana bat, the Gray bat and the Ozark big-eared bat because they are considered federally endangered. At this time it is unknown how many bats have perished in the State of Oklahoma, but across the 28 affected U.S. states; it’s feared that the number of dead bats is approaching the 10 million mark.

The Importance Of Oklahoma Bats

Most of us in Oklahoma think of bats as rabid, blood-sucking, creepy, devil birds. The truth is that bats play massive roles to our ecosystem; resulting in a highly beneficial economic role as well. Bats in Oklahoma eat thousands of pounds of insects each year. Some of these insects are considered pests; damaging crops, and causing extensive agricultural damage. In Oklahoma, the avoided-cost value of bats (reduced cost of pesticide application) is estimated to range from $6 million to $24 million per year.

Saving Oklahoma Bats

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and other state authorities are well aware of the White-Nose Syndrome threat and have put together an Oklahoma bat coordinating team. This team’s goal is to educate the public about WNS, monitor Oklahoma caves, help stop the spread of WNS, and eventually find a cure to the deadly bat-killing disease. There is currently no cure.

You can do your part to help stop the spread of WNS by engaging in a decontaminating protocol, outlined here, while spelunking and exploring caves. Do not touch any bat you find inside a cave, whether dead or alive.

Report any signs of WNS, like sighting several dead bats or seeing bats with white fuzz, to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation as soon as possible: or (405-990-4977).

About the Author:

Anthony Ball is a Content Marketing Manager with Bulwark Exterminating, an industry leader in providing high quality pest control services in Tulsa, OK. Bulwark is fully operational in seven states, including twelve major cities. While Bulwark provides pest extermination for common insects such as ants, roaches, crickets and spiders, the company’s differentiating aspect is great personalized service. Bulwark uses the finest and most effective products in the world to solve common pest problems.


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Brown Recluse Infestation: Extreme Spiders Require Extreme Measures


It has been well established that Tulsa, Oklahoma is a hotbed of Brown Recluse spiders. These dangerous spiders can infest Tulsa homes by the hundreds, and even the thousands. If you are bitten by one of these spiders, you will experience necrosis, or tissue death. The dangerous and extreme Brown Recluse spider requires extreme measures.

Homeowner Brown Recluse Measures

There are a few things Tulsa homeowners can do themselves to eliminate Brown Recluse spiders, and prevent them from entering their home again. First, eliminate all harborage that Brown Recluse spiders hide in. this includes, wood piles, debris, excessive shrubbery, and clutter. Second, seal up any cracks or voids that lead to the inside of your home. Vents and light fixtures affixed to your basement and attic are easy entry points for brown Recluse spiders. Third, vacuum up any webs, spiders, and egg sacs with a wet-vac that has extended tubes to reach high places. Keep the wet-vac full of bleach and water to kill any brown recluse spiders you may suck up. Last, de-clutter your garages, basements, and attics as spiders like these areas. Use storage containers with tight fitting lids, and tightly seal any boxes with packing tape.

After you have taken these measures, call a professional spider control exterminator in Tulsa, OK. Remember, extreme Brown Recluse spiders require extreme measures.

Professional Brown Recluse Measures


Direct Contact Treatments

Pesticides can be effectively used when applied directly to Brown Recluse spiders. This treatment method is best used when large numbers of the spiders are grouped together. The problem is that this isn’t always the case with Brown recluse spiders, so this technique needs to be used in conjunction with other spider control techniques.

Exterior Treatments

After a homeowner takes a few steps to control the Brown recluse infestation, like removing harborage and sealing cracks, then the exterior of the home needs to be treated with pesticides. A pesticide spray barrier needs to be applied around a property and home. Aerosol pesticide needs to be injected in voids behind a homes brick veneer. Any crack in the exterior of the home should be treated with a pesticide dust.

Crack and Void Treatments

The most critical step in controlling Brown Recluse spiders is the application of pesticides in cracks and voids. The reason being is that Brown Recluse spiders prefer these spaces. These spaces include all of the plates covering electrical outlets of a home, which need to be removed and filled with pesticide. All crevices and cracks need to be dusted with pesticide. Holes may need to be drilled in a home’s walls as to treat all of the voids. Special attention must be paid to basements and attics with the application of pesticide behind insulation as well.

Spot Treatments

Spot treatments inside a home must also be used in conjunction with the other Brown Recluse spider control methods for best results. Areas that these spiders like to crawl, like along baseboards and behind furniture, need to be treated with pesticide spray. Spray wherever Brown Recluse spiders frequent.

Tulsa Brown Recluse Exterminators


Bulwark Exterminating
2013 North Willow Avenue
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
(918) 252-3548
OK Wildlife Control
Tulsa, OK
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6550 East 40th Street
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Why You Should Hire Professional Roofing Services In Oklahoma

Oklahoma Roofing

Oklahoma Roofing

There are several skills you should have as a homeowner. Being able to make small repairs on appliances is a skill that could easily save hundreds of dollars. Even furniture assembly and basic plumbing can go a long way, and learning how to do most of these tasks is not difficult either. But a task such as roofing your house is better left to the professionals. Roofing is a daunting task that requires days of hard labor to complete. And without the proper tools or knowledge of safety on a rooftop, it can be downright dangerous and costly.

Roofing that is not done properly can result in a leaky roof which can cost even more money to repair in the long run. A better option is to hire roofing professionals whether you live in Oklahoma or elsewhere. But the last thing you want is to end up with a bad experience, which is why doing research prior to hiring a reputable company is so important whether you have your roof repaired or reshingled. Even seemingly easy tasks such as removing leaves should be left to professionals.

There are plenty of roofing specialists in Oklahoma but only a select few are fit for the job.

Why You Should Hire A Professional

There are several benefits of having a professional company to the work on your home. One of which being is the money you will save. There will always be initial costs involved. But an incorrectly done roof will always carry significantly more costs just for additional repairs. And in regions such as Oklahoma where annual precipitation is over thirty inches per year, the resulting damage can be catastrophic.

Professional roofing companies have tools specifically for roofing tasks. And the fact that roofing jobs can be fatal is another reason to hire professional roofing services. The slants coupled with hard manual labor could result in serious injuries in the event of a fall. Professionals are fully prepared and equipped to handle such tasks. And their level of experience tends to be much higher than the average homeowner.

Roofing also takes a large amount of time depending what needs to be done. A professional could end up working a full day or even longer on your roof. Attempting to handle such a task on your own without proper knowledge or experience could very well take several weeks for completion. Coupled with all of the other responsibilities you have in your life your time is better spent elsewhere.

Tornadoes are also frequent in Oklahoma, more so than other regions. This means that high winds often occur. And roofing in Oklahoma can be damaged or even completely removed during intense tornadoes.

Roofing won’t feel like such an impossible task when you take your time to find the right business for the job. The quality of workmanship that a professional roofing company brings is in your best interest. It will pay off in the long run and will keep your roof in the best possible condition to battle the elements for years to come.

Featured images:

Mike is a proven and knowledgeable expert in the construction industry. He specializes in roofing construction and repair.

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