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I use to think the old saying of “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” was just a silly little song to put you to sleep… well not anymore. Now its a living nightmare for many Tulsa residents. Bed bugs are on the rise in Tulsa OK!

In fact, earlier this year there was a national Bed Bug Conference. The PCOs that attended were overwhelmed and perplex at how this problem that was virtually eliminated from the US soil has come back with such a vengeance. Sure, if we licked the bed bugs before then we can do it again… RIGHT!!!….???? Well the products that were used previously for effective bed bug control are now restricted by the EPA. Pest control companies are knocking down the EPA’s door asking “what now?”

There is hope, but the effective treatment of bed bugs takes a little more time, effort, and consistency. Plus the exterminator can’t do it alone. The homeowner must step in and do their part. Its almost like they are asking you to do your own pest control.

Well then why not just skip the Tulsa exterminators and go straight for a do it yourself pest control solution for Bed Bugs.

Do it Yourself Bed Bug Solution.

Whatever you choose to do, be sure to wash you sheets regularly. Clean your couch regularly, and if you can’t do it yourself then team up with a local Tulsa pest control service.

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