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Are There Scorpions In Tulsa?

Striped Scorpion

If you are a Tulsa homeowner, you likely already know the answer to the question, “Are there scorpions in Tulsa?”

You’ve seen them inside your home. You’ve seen them scurrying around your property. The truth is that scorpions are actually pretty common in Tulsa, and there’s one species of scorpion that is primary to blame for infesting your home and property.

I’m referring to the Striped Bark scorpion (Centruroides vittatus), and they are the most common and widespread scorpion found in all of Oklahoma. Despite their well-known reputation, there is so much more to this pest than a painful sting.

Here is what you need to know about Tulsa’s Striped Bark scorpion:

Striped Scorpion’s Description


Most Striped scorpions are a dark tan color, with almost a hint of orange or even dark gold. These colors do vary from scorpion to scorpion depending on their surroundings and even their age. These scorpions will reach lengths of over 2 ½ inches, and are easily identifiable because of the two distinct stripes they have running down their back. When comparing different scorpion species, Striped Bark scorpions will have longer and more slender tails.

Where To Find Striped Scorpions


Like I mentioned before, Striped scorpions are found in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma. Also prominent in states like Texas and New Mexico, they frequent much of the south central United States.


Outside, Striped scorpions will shack up underneath any type of cover they can find. They do this because they are looking for protections from the elements and other predators; not to mention that is where they find the insects they love munching on. Watch for them under rocks, boards, and other debris in your yard, and inside the cracks and crevices of stone walls, bricks, stones, and other landscaping features.


Striped scorpions are nocturnal, so you won’t usually see them wandering around inside your home during the day. During these daylight hours, they’re hiding out in wall voids, attics, or any other hidden location.

Preventing Striped Scorpions In My Tulsa Home


Striped Scorpion

Unfortunately, it’s really challenging to find out exactly how many scorpions are infesting your home or property at any given time. The first place to start is with a black light flashlight, searching the entirety of you home at night when the scorpions are active. They are actually pretty easy to spot, as they will glow a bright neon blue when the black light hits them.

If you only find a few, carefully smash them with a shovel or other blunt object. A thick boot works well too. If you are still finding them get professional help.

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