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How To Spot A Brown Recluse Infographic

The Brown Recluse spider.

With each word, that line gets more and more terrifying.

The Brown Recluse spider is a staple to Tulsa, right along with Sooner football and fried catfish. Unfortunately, the Brown Recluse isn’t nearly as fun as screaming “boomer sooner” at the TV screen while you’re elbow deep into a bucket of fried catfish.

The Brown Recluse spider has earned its malicious reputation because of the nature of its bites. If you are ever bitten, chances are you won’t even know it until it’s too late. It takes about a week before you’ll experience pain from a Brown Recluse bite. About this time, the infected bite area will be red, with shades of grey and purple. As the wound progresses, the living tissue will begin to decay and die; a symptom known as necrosis. Yikes!

Well, its easy to establish how awful a Brown Recluse bite is, and we know we don’t want them in our homes. What we don’t all know is exactly how to spot one.

The following infographic, is a guide to understanding and spotting Brown Recluse spiders:

How To Spot A Brown Recluse Infographic


Infographic Brown Recluse Guide

Tulsa Brown Recluse Spider Control

I know it goes without saying, but nobody wants the misfortune of dealing with a Brown Recluse spider bite. Extreme spiders require extreme measures. That is why you need to solicit professional Tulsa Brown Recluse Spider Control if you are frequently seeing these dangerous spiders inside your home. Check the online reviews for pest control companies. These companies happen to be the best in town:

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