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Pest Control For Yellowjackets

English: a yellow jacket wasp

English: a yellow jacket wasp (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 

Yellow Jackets 

Yellow jackets are a species of predatory wasp that are common in the Tulsa, OK area. Yellow jackets are most commonly black and yellow in color, but are sometimes black and white and even have red markings. All female yellow jackets are able to sting multiple times. These stings will cause unbelievable pain, and have even caused death in a few rare instances.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jacket Nests 

Yellow jackets will build their nests in shrubs or trees; but prefer the protection of man-made structures such as hollow walls or flooring, attics, sheds, porches, and eaves of houses. A fertilized yellow jacket queen will take shelter in these protected areas during the winter months, and build begin building a new nest and laying eggs when the weather warms.

With summer just around the corner, now is the time that those stinging yellow jackets start looking for places to build their nests. Most homeowners will not notice a yellow jacket nest until late summer, when the wasps have had time to grow the nest and flourish on your property. From spring to summer a wasp colony expands very rapidly, reaching a maximum size of 4,000 and 5,000 workers.

If you eliminate the wasp’s nests now, while they’re small and still being built, it will prevent the likelihood of a more serious problem later this summer.

Controlling Yellow Jackets 

If you are seeing yellow jackets near the garbage cans of your home quite frequently, or near picnic areas and hummingbird feeders, it is a sure bet that there is a nest nearby. The first step to controlling yellow jackets around your property is to determine where their nests are. Open a can of chicken-flavored cat or dog food and place it near where you are seeing yellow jackets. They’ll soon find the food and you can follow their flight as they take it back to the nest. Now you’ll know if the wasp’s nest in on your property.

Once you have located a yellow jacket nest, it needs to be treated. While this can be done by injecting a pesticide into a hole drilled into the nest, or dusting the nest with a pesticide powder, it’s best to leave treatment to a professional. Attempting to spray the yellow jackets with an aerosol pesticide can result in numerous painful stings during the process. I repeat it’s best to leave the process to pest control professionals.

If you are going to attempt to exterminate the aggressive wasps on your own, opt for a “quick-freeze” aerosol product to eliminate stirred-up wasps near the entrance of the nest. Remove the nest completely after all of the yellow jackets are dead, so another colony will not make it their home in the future.

Pest Control In Tulsa 

Many homeowners will not take action against yellow jackets until somebody is painfully stung. Obviously by then it is too late. Take action now and properly eliminate yellow jacket nests around your home and property. Get pest control!

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