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How To Prevent A Hornet Infestation

How To Prevent A Hornet Infestation

What is the scariest insect that you can think of? Chances are that it wouldn’t even occur to you that hornets are very menacing. Yes, they sting, but that just makes them as scary as bees. Do you really think so? First of all, there are several species of hornets. Some are the run-of-the-mill hornets that you expect to become aggressive when disturbed. But there are some that will rival even the most frightening creature that you can think of. An example is the Japanese giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia japonica), which kills more people in Japan than the average bear. Yes, this type of hornet is one of nature’s most awesome and menacing predators. It spews venom that can easily melt the skin. Just imagine how painful that is, and how people have died because they did not get emergency treatment.

Not all hornets shoot skin-melting venom. But it is still better to have a home that’s hornet-free, most especially if you have children around. You can get rid of these creatures through the following methods:

Pest Control without Using Pesticides

1. Entrapment

A vinegar mixture, as well as meats, can be used to create a homemade trap. Check YouTube for how-to videos about creating your own device. Some traps are designed to draw in hornets in general, but others are especially made to ensnare the queen. These kinds of traps are more complicated. Raw meat is often used here, and it’s actually better to get the queen first because without it, hornets will find it more difficult to establish a colony.

2. Cleanliness

Since hornets eat protein-rich foods, you should make it a point to properly dispose of your garbage, especially leftovers. Put food items in a trash bag and seal this before throwing. Make sure that your bin also has a tight cover to prevent hornets and other pests from scavenging.

Getting the Most Out of Insecticide Sprays

3. Spraying

You can also use insecticide sprays to kill hornets. But be sure to have at least 2 cans of Raid ready before you start your assault on these nasty stingers. Get a spray that’s specifically made for hornets. Furthermore, be sure that you don on the proper attire. Wear a long-sleeved shirt, pants, and boots. Tuck your pants inside your socks to prevent flying hornets from crawling inside and stinging your legs. Use a bee head net, also known as bee veil or bee hat, to protect your head from the creatures. Since you’ll also be spraying a whole lot of pesticide, you should also wear a mask so that you won’t inhale all those bad fumes.

The best time to attack is during early morning or dusk, when the tiny stingers are just getting ready to start the day or sleep. You’ll get most of them that way. Soak the hive in insecticide, and spray all visible holes. After you’re done and you’re satisfied that the hornets are either dead or dying, very carefully remove the nest. Put the nest in a trash bag and throw away.


Claire Norton is a freelancer who frequently blogs about insects and their effects on health. Many of her materials have been published by and other websites that feature insects and household pests.

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