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Dealing With Winter Thaw And Preparing Your Home For Springtime Pests

There’s one more reason why many homeowners hate winter season, aside from the fact that winter can do some significant damage to your house. The strong winds and the amount of ice that winter brings can leave any strong house weaker. There are new cracks in the walls, openings in the roof, and tons of debris to deal with – the perfect welcome mat, really, for springtime pests such as ants, bees, flies, rodents, and a whole lot more.

Dealing with the damages caused by winter and winter thaw is hard and expensive enough. However, you can cut back on the expenses by preparing your home and protecting it against springtime pests. Below are some steps for home preparation.

Look for Damages and Have Them Repaired Immediately

As mentioned earlier, winter thaw can cause some damage to your house. It can knock off roof shingles; cause roofs to collapse, rip open window screens, clog gutters with debris, etc. If you don’t have them repaired, it’ll leave your home very vulnerable to pest infestation come the spring time. Pests could easily gain access into your home though the cracks in the walls, holes in the roof, or rips on the window screens. The clogged gutters serve not only as a breeding place but also as a source of food.

Don’t give them any opportunity to invade your home, so look for damages after the winter thaw and have them repaired immediately. Replace missing shingles and damaged screens, repair damaged roof, and clean the gutters. Check the attic, crawlspace, and basement as well. Seal up any cracks and holes, and make sure that these places stay well-ventilated as well as dry. It’s also important that you replace damaged weather-stripping.

Give Your Garden a Cleaning

It’s also important that you give your garden a good cleaning. Winter thaw can leave behind tons of debris and mud, which increase the risk for accidents. You could easily slip on the slippery ground, causing injuries such as fracture, sprains, laceration, and bruises. In addition to increased accident risk, there are also the garden pests to contend with.

You can prevent both from happening by giving your garden a thorough cleaning. Remove debris and dispose of them properly. As for spring cleaning your garden, you need to wait until the soil’s dry enough that you can’t properly form a ball of soil when you roll them between your hands. Don’t wait too long though before starting to cut the plants back. You don’t want old growth mixing up with new growth. This’ll double your efforts of cleaning the garden.

It’s also important to prune back the bushes and tree branches. See to it that they’re not in contact with any part of your house, particularly the roof and windows, as this can give pests easier access into your house. They can easily use the bushes and the tree branches as a sort of “bridge” and gain entrance into your home.

These steps can help keep pests away after winter thaw. However, if these are not enough and you suspect that pests have already found their way into your home, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a pest professional. They can give your property a thorough inspection and treat your home for any pest infestation.

 Guest Post:

Jennifer Dallman writes for an Albuquerque pest control company. As a freelance content provider who specializes in pest and pest control, she hopes to teach readers how to protect their homes against pests after the winter thaw.

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