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Effective Flying Termite Control Tips

Flying termites are one of the most annoying pests that are twice as likely to damage your home as regular termites. What makes flying termites very difficult to control is the fact that they can easily fly from one location in your home to the next. This essentially means that if you spot them near your cupboard and spray some type of extermination chemical they may still survive if they flew to a nearby food cabinet or into your pantry. So, as soon as you spot even one flying termite near your premises or in your premises its time to exterminate with extreme prejudice. That said it’s not easy to kill these otherwise resilient pests.

Flying Termite Control Steps

If you want to get rid of flying termites effectively the below tips offer a good starting point.

Step no. 1: Scrape their Nest

Termites cannot help but to leave a trail of wood fillings and dirt. This trail almost always leads to their nest which looks as if it’s something that is built out from the woodwork. The nest can vary in size but it’s almost always solid and gray or brown in color. Once you have identified the nest you should scrape it off using a metal blade. After the nest has been removed the termites that inhabited the nest will be forced to relocate. Hopefully, this will disrupt their activity enough to give you time (usually around 24 hours) to get all the stuff you need to exterminate them completely from your property.

Step no. 2: Treat with Orange oil

Now, if you do not have many termites to deal with i.e. a minimal infestation then orange oil spray is the best solution. Orange oil can be purchased for a few dollars from any hardware surplus store and is a natural termite repellant. It is harmless to human beings and pets and all you have to do is load a regular spray bottle with the liquid and spray it anywhere you see the termites. Also spray wooden furniture that are not yet infested with these pests.

Step no. 3: Secure your wooden possessions

There are a number of effective flying termite control pesticides that can be purchased over the counter and be applied to everything made of wood in your home. However, since these consists of various chemicals make sure that they are as per your building’s regulations because you certainly do not want to be fined for using chemicals that are not allowed. That said splashing these termite control sprays should help to secure almost everything. Furniture you cannot spray or do not want to spray should be varnished every year to safeguard them against termites in general.

Step no. 4: Preventing future infestations

Once you have run through the steps given above you should have gotten rid of 90% of the termites in your home. However, the next step in termite control especially if you are already living in a home that was infested before many times or near a home that is infested use poisonous termite control baits. These often consist of a number of different types of treated natural plants that kill termite naturally. When one termite takes the bait it spreads over to the entire termite colony hence saving you the trouble. The only thing you need to be careful of is to purchase natural termite control baits.

Professional Services

In most homes professional termite control services may not be needed unless the home has not been lived in for a long time due to which it has severe infestation. It may also be needed if all the above procedures were not effective or cannot be performed. Hiring an expert team can save time but they are also expensive. If the infestation was widespread apart from getting rid of the termites you’ll also have to get a lot of the wood around your home replaced since termites will certainly reduce the reliability of everything made from wood. If your home is mostly made from wood, consider extensive renovations prior to moving back in with your family. Then proper termite control measures can be put in place to prevent any future infestations.

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