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Tipsy Seagulls Drunk On Flying Ants

seagulls drinking


Booze for the Birds


flying ant

In southeast England, seagulls are acting out. They’re crashing into cars and roaming the streets just like the drunkard. They’ve been aggressive towards people, even sweeping down and stealing food right out of people’s hands. The reason for the unruly seagull behavior is a drunk-like state cause by one of their favorite snacks; flying ants.

The formic acid secreted by flying ants is what causes the seagulls to “get drunk.” The recent increase of buzzed birds comes because of the weather which has boomed the insect population. More insects, means more grub for the seagulls.

“Gulls love flying ants and as they come out of the ground the birds will feast on them early in the morning and late in the evening,” said RSPB spokesman Tony Whitehead.

Reactions to the Gulls

This isn’t just a few drunken seagulls, people. It’s a larger population of seagulls that are reacting to the ant buzz. Rebbeca Nesbit, an entomologist with the Society of Biology told BBC News, “As I started driving up the hill, the seagulls were all over the place, pecking in the road. It reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock’s [film] The Birds because there were so many of them – I’ve never seen it before.”

Rehab Efforts

In the English city of Gloucester the City Council has taken steps to try and rehabilitate the city from the ruckus of these unruly birds. Residents are encouraged to put their trash in “gull-proof” bags to keep the seagulls from growing through it and littering the streets.

Author Bio: has never gotten tipsy from flying ants, and finds the idea of eating any bug truly revolting! When I’m not writing about drunk seagulls for Bulwark Exterminating, I’m jamming out to the boys of One Direction.

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