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10 Tips On Keeping Pests Out Of Your Stored Christmas Decor

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Tulsa Pests In Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas has almost come and gone. It always goes by way too fast. After all of the visiting family leave, after all the gifts are opened, and after all the eggnog has been drunk; it’s time for some unpleasantness. It’s time to pack away all those Christmas decorations.

Did you know that all those Christmas decorations; your strings of lights, your tree, and your boxes of ornaments can house certain pests. Tulsa pests like rodents, silverfish, cockroaches, and spiders love to make boxes of decorations their year round homes. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep these creepy crawlies from invading your Christmas décor.

10 Tips On Keeping Pests Out Of Your Stored Christmas Decor

1. Use plastic storage totes. Avoid using the traditional cardboard box when storing your decorations. Not only will pests sneak inside the cracks of the cardboard boxes, but silverfish and cockroaches love munching on the cardboard, the tape, and the glue. I suggest using plastic storage totes that have tight fitting lids.

2. Thoroughly clean storage totes. Before you start filling those plastic storage totes with all of your decorations, thoroughly wash them out. This is an easy step that will go along way in keeping unwanted pest intruders out.

3. Properly dispose of your real tree. That amazing smelling Spruce you bought at that Christmas tree lot will give shelter to rodents and bugs if it’s not removed from your property quickly. Whatever you do, don’t leave your tree in your backyard or leaning up against your house.

4. Use an artificial Christmas tree bag that zips. It would be simpler to just put that artificial tree back into the box in which it came, but just throw it out. Rodents like squirrels, rats, and mice love making their nests in artificial Christmas trees. It reminds them of their homes in the wild. Use an artificial Christmas tree bag that tightly zips.

5. Dispose of edible Christmas decorations. Those candy canes you used to trim the tree, those wonderful smelling candles, and that gingerbread house you spent hours on will simply invite pests into your basement, garage, or attic. Don’t save them.

6. Store cloth materials in plastic bags. Tulsa can be humid during those summer months; you don’t want your Christmas tablecloths, your tree skirts, and your stockings to get damp. They will attract silverfish. Clothing moths and cockroaches will also eat cloth materials if not sealed and properly stored.

7. DIY pest control methods. Placing glue traps, silverfish drops, and even mothballs inside each box of Christmas decorations with keep pests away; and kill any that happen to get inside. Do-it-yourself pest control products can be found at

8. Thoroughly examine storage areas. Garages, attics, and basements are already a favorite hideout for common household pests. Look for spider webs, rodent droppings, and dead insects before staking your boxes of decorations. You may already have a pest problem.

9. Clean out storage area. After inspecting your storage area for signs of pests, clean the area out. Brush away any spider webs and dead insect. Remember, cleanliness is nest to pest-freeness.

10. Get Tulsa pest control. Even if you don’t currently have pests living among your Christmas decorations, a Tulsa exterminator can ensure you never will. Spider control treatment plans will make sure you don’t get bit when you take out those decorations again next year.

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