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Top 3 Pests In Tulsa

I recently had the opportunity to talk with one of the pest management professionals at Bulwark Exterminating Broken Arrow, OK and picked their brains about all things pests. One of the questions I was most looking to get answered was “What are the most frequently called about pests in the Tulsa area?”

Here are the top three most common pests in the Tulsa area:

3. Crickets



It came to a little bit of a shock to me to hear that crickets were one of the most frequently called about pests in Tulsa. To me, crickets just seemed like a tiny nuisance; with their chirping being more a calling of summer. As a kid, I loved staying up past my bedtime, swinging on the porch swing, listening to the crickets. It was a summer right of passage of sorts. After addressing my cricket beliefs with the pest professionals at Bulwark Pest Control, I discovered just how much of a pest crickets really can be.

The truth is that crickets will attack all types of different materials, causing alarming amounts of damage. Often it is synthetic fabrics that are most damaged, although cotton, wool and silk are also attacked as well. Additionally, you never see just one cricket… they come in bunches! They will even enter our homes looking to eat any organic material they can find. On top of that, crickets like the mole cricket tear up the grass in your yard with their burrowing/nesting habits.

One of the most disheartening factors that come into play regarding crickets is that that attract other pests (like brown recluse spiders) that are looking to eat them. Serious cricket infestations require professional Tulsa cricket control.

2. Ants



One of the peskiest and annoying pests found in the Tulsa, OK area are ants. Ants come in second on our list of the most frequently called about pests; perhaps because there are so many different types that infuriate homeowners. Carpenter ants, Pharaoh ants, and the dreaded Fire ant are all common ant invaders. Tulsa is also seeing an influx of the crazy ant as well. Depending on the species of ant; ants can damage electrical equipment, destroy your yard with their massive mounds, chew through the wooden structures of your home, and inflict painful stings.

If you are frequently seeing ants crawling throughout your yard, or even entering your property, it’s best to get professional Tulsa ant control before the problem worsens.

1. Brown Recluse Spiders


Brown Recluse Spider

It should be no secret that the most frequently called about pests in Tulsa is the Brown Recluse spider. A lot of this attention is garnered from the reputation this spider has. It’s gotten to the point where if anybody even sees a brown spider in their home, they’re calling in because they’re afraid it might be a Brown Recluse. Unfortunately, this reputation is well deserved. Brown Recluse bites are dangerous, and although rare, can be deadly. A bite can even cause necrosis; a symptom in which the skin rots and dies after a bite. People are willing to deal with a few roaches in their home, but when it comes to a Brown Recluse spider, they go running for the nearest phone to get professional Tulsa Brown Recluse control.

For tips on identifying A Brown Recluse Spider, click here.

Tulsa Pest Control

If you are seeing crickets, ants, Brown Recluse spiders, or any other type of pest in or around your home in the Tulsa or Broken Arrow area, get professional pest control!

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Brown Recluse Infestation: Extreme Spiders Require Extreme Measures


It has been well established that Tulsa, Oklahoma is a hotbed of Brown Recluse spiders. These dangerous spiders can infest Tulsa homes by the hundreds, and even the thousands. If you are bitten by one of these spiders, you will experience necrosis, or tissue death. The dangerous and extreme Brown Recluse spider requires extreme measures.

Homeowner Brown Recluse Measures

There are a few things Tulsa homeowners can do themselves to eliminate Brown Recluse spiders, and prevent them from entering their home again. First, eliminate all harborage that Brown Recluse spiders hide in. this includes, wood piles, debris, excessive shrubbery, and clutter. Second, seal up any cracks or voids that lead to the inside of your home. Vents and light fixtures affixed to your basement and attic are easy entry points for brown Recluse spiders. Third, vacuum up any webs, spiders, and egg sacs with a wet-vac that has extended tubes to reach high places. Keep the wet-vac full of bleach and water to kill any brown recluse spiders you may suck up. Last, de-clutter your garages, basements, and attics as spiders like these areas. Use storage containers with tight fitting lids, and tightly seal any boxes with packing tape.

After you have taken these measures, call a professional spider control exterminator in Tulsa, OK. Remember, extreme Brown Recluse spiders require extreme measures.

Professional Brown Recluse Measures


Direct Contact Treatments

Pesticides can be effectively used when applied directly to Brown Recluse spiders. This treatment method is best used when large numbers of the spiders are grouped together. The problem is that this isn’t always the case with Brown recluse spiders, so this technique needs to be used in conjunction with other spider control techniques.

Exterior Treatments

After a homeowner takes a few steps to control the Brown recluse infestation, like removing harborage and sealing cracks, then the exterior of the home needs to be treated with pesticides. A pesticide spray barrier needs to be applied around a property and home. Aerosol pesticide needs to be injected in voids behind a homes brick veneer. Any crack in the exterior of the home should be treated with a pesticide dust.

Crack and Void Treatments

The most critical step in controlling Brown Recluse spiders is the application of pesticides in cracks and voids. The reason being is that Brown Recluse spiders prefer these spaces. These spaces include all of the plates covering electrical outlets of a home, which need to be removed and filled with pesticide. All crevices and cracks need to be dusted with pesticide. Holes may need to be drilled in a home’s walls as to treat all of the voids. Special attention must be paid to basements and attics with the application of pesticide behind insulation as well.

Spot Treatments

Spot treatments inside a home must also be used in conjunction with the other Brown Recluse spider control methods for best results. Areas that these spiders like to crawl, like along baseboards and behind furniture, need to be treated with pesticide spray. Spray wherever Brown Recluse spiders frequent.

Tulsa Brown Recluse Exterminators


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Three Useful Tips For An Oklahoma Home Buyer

Buying a home is one of the greatest decisions one could ever make. Unlike any other purchase, a home is a lifetime investment that really needs to be thought out and planned. It is that one thing that you and your family couldn’t live without, aside from food, water and all the other necessities in life. Come to think of it, if you just buy a house without even considering the things that need to be considered, you will be stuck in a place that you might not like for the rest of your life.

If you are a first time home buyer in Oklahoma, there are tips that might be useful for you in order to make a wise investment and avoid having to experience bad things in your future residence. These tips are aimed to help you make an informed decision on which house to purchase.

Tip 1: Find good neighbors.


Even though you don’t literally live together with your neighbors, whether you like it or not, they will have an effect on your household. It is important that in buying a house, you should always consider the type of people that live within the area. You wouldn’t want to be around suspicious, careless or cold-hearted people. So before making a decision, try to make sense of the surroundings and the people around the property. It might even be a good idea to meet the neighbors surrounding your home before you decide to make the move. Some other considerations are the stores, schools and facilities nearby; it would be most beneficial to live in a place that is highly accessible to these resources.  If you think that they are good enough and that they wouldn’t cause problems with your living situation, then the house for sale may be included in the options available for a final decision. 

Tip 2: Take a look at the property.


If you find a house for sale and it seems to be a great deal, then go and personally assess whether it really is. Sometimes, marketers oversell their products, so it is important that you verify what is true and what is false. You shouldn’t base your decision on the ads you’ve seen. Advertisements are there to attract you in any way possible. As a wise buyer, you need to do your due-diligence and make sure you don’t get deceived. Visiting the location of the house and assessing the area is the least you could do to ensure that your future home is just the way you want it to be.

Tip 3: Consider the present and future value of the property.


Part of making a wise investment is to consider its value, not just the present, but also the future. As an investor, you wouldn’t want a house that costs you a fortune today, but will lose value after years down the road. First and foremost, you want to make the best investment possible. So your main goal should be to buy a house that you can live in and make money on when it comes time to sell. You never know, there might be unpredictable circumstances in the future that may cause you to sell your property. As a , you need to do your homework, be patient and know what you want.

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Mike was a first time home buyer in Oklahoma who now knows what to look for in the real estate market in the state of Oklahoma.

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The Honey Bee: State Insect of Oklahoma

A European honey bee (Apis mellifera) extracts...

The honey bee is the most common state insect in the United States. It’s so common in fact, that it is the state insect 17 different states. These 17 states that have the honey bee as their state insect include: New Jersey, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, Georgia, Louisiana, Kansas, North Carolina, Kentucky, Vermont, Maine, Mississippi, South Dakota, Utah,  Wisconsin, and of course… Oklahoma.

So Which Species of Honey Bee Is It?

There are actually seven different honey bee species, with another 44 different subspecies. So which species of honey bee are State legislatures referring to? My guess is that these state legislatures were simply assigning the honeybee as a state insect in its truest and purest form. The genus Apis are only true honey bees recognized by scientists.

In the case of Oklahoma, the state insect is actually defined as the European honey bee.

Why Is The Honey Bee The Most Common State Insect?

Honey bees are dynamic and hardworking insects that work together as a society for the betterment of the hive as a whole. When you recognize the parallel of a bee hive, and a state’s society, it’s easy to see why so many states have claimed the honey bee as their official state insect. A modern civilization would love to get just 20% of the honey bee’s work ethic out of it’s citizens. In any prosperous civilization each honey bee has a designated role within the hive. The bee does it’s job, no questions asked. A honey bee is so dedicated to it’s cause, that it would even give its own life for the preservation of the hive and the queen.

Oklahoma designated the honeybee as official state insect in 1992. It would love for it’s citizens to emulate the dynamic and hardworking of a honey bee; and their hive.

The European Honey Bee

The European honey bee is also referred to as the Western honey bee. They are virtually found everywhere in the United States, and on other continents like Europe and Asia. Of course, they are found in Oklahoma, including the city of Tulsa.

European Honey bees are beneficial insects that assist in the pollinating of flowers and flowering plants. These honey bees live in a hive and are grouped together in castes of queens, sterile female workers, and fertilizing males. A single European honey bee hive can carry up to 80,000 bees.

Unfortunately, honey bees do sting. There are actually 14 deaths annually caused by reaction from a honey bee sting. Deaths occur when allergic reactions take place. They are rare.

Author Bio: does content marketing for Bulwark Exterminating, which is an industry leader in providing first-class pest control services. Bulwark specializes in roach, ant, spider, and scorpion control in eleven cities, including Tulsa, OK.




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The Advantages Of Living In Oklahoma

As urban sprawl causes major cities to bleed into once quiet, suburban areas, residents of these neighborhoods are noticing an increase in their costs of living and a decrease in their quality of life. It’s because of this that many people are transitioning away from major metropolis areas and are returning to their roots in more laid back, spacious environments like Oklahoma. In terms of purchasing a house, finding a good school district, enjoying fresh air, lowering your cost of living, or even finding an affordable auto loan, Oklahoma cannot be beat. Here’s a look at several things that make Oklahoma an ideal place to settle down.

Wide Open Spaces

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a house where you actually had some room to breathe? Instead of rows of houses crammed together, Oklahoma features open spaces that allow residents to enjoy spacious yards and privacy from their neighbors.

Friendly People

A huge advantage to Oklahoma living is that the people are warm and kindly toward one another. Instead of keeping to themselves, like people tend to do in major cities, the residents of Oklahoma embrace the concept of looking out for their neighbors, offering a helping hand to someone on the side of the road, and saying, “Hi” with a smile when someone passes by on the sidewalk.

Family Friendly

Oklahoma is an excellent place to raise a family. In addition to surrounding you with caring people, the state boasts numerous excellent school districts to ensure that your children will receive the best education possible. In addition, Oklahoma offers a safe place for you and your family to live, with low crime rates and excellent public safety officers.

Affordable Living

If you want to spend all of your income on rent and go bankrupt buying a box of cereal, move to Los Angeles. If you want to buy a home, take out a cheap Oklahoma auto loan, purchase your groceries, and still have plenty left over to put into savings, move to Oklahoma. Everything is cheaper here, meaning that you can truly thrive – both now and in the future.

Plenty of Variety

Although many people like the idea of living a simpler life in a quiet and beautiful state like Oklahoma, some feel concerned that they will not have much to do for fun or recreation. In reality, there is plenty to do and see in Oklahoma. The state features 35 different state parks for hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, picnicking and more. Additionally, Oklahoma hosts numerous festivals and events throughout the year.
Ultimately, you should love where you live. Oklahoma provides excellent options for everyone so that you can enjoy a higher quality of life for less money.

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