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Fall Football and Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow’s Ronnie Price leaps over defender. Yes, completely jumped over the Booker T. Washington’s Tyler Lockett.  What a play.  This is about going above and beyond and reaching the ultimate goal; the victory…. literally.

And such individuals that out perform, that think of new and creative ways to achieve the goal, that rise to the occasion, well such individuals should be applauded. And Ronnie Price deserves 5 stars for that performance.

And here at Bulwark we like to think of ourselves as a team, so we are giving the Ronnie Price Award of the week to Derrick.  Here are the praises Derrick received for his stellar performance.

Derrick is amazing!!!!!!!!- hannahlw16

Derrick is awesome!!! I just bought the house I am in and it is in a new development and there is construction of new houses everywhere. I am constantly getting mice, ants, crickets, and tons of other bugs in my home. As a first time home buyer I take comfort in the fact that when I notice a bug or mice problem all I have to do is call Bulwark and they will send Derrick out to help. I also love the fact that they don’t have several different people out they send the same person! Derrick is friendly and very informative on special ways to keep bugs out. The best and most reliable people I have ever worked with!!!!!!!

So it seems that even though pest control and football are miles apart, Broken Arrow has found a common thread between the two – Superiority.  When you excel and surpass the bounds previously set you gain dominance and superiority.  With that you gain recognition.  For pest control, you gain reputation.  With reputation and recognition you gain trust.  And all of this can equate to success.  For our Broken Arrow pest control team this means loyal customers and a secure future.  For Ronnie Price this can mean a bigger future in college football and perhaps even the pros.  If you have risen to the occasion once you can do it again, and again, and again….  And to some this may seem mundane, but reaching that pest control apex is gratifying.  And for customers that want a full service pest control company in Broken Arrow, OK, an exterminator that delivers means peace of mind.  Mundane, perhaps, but consistency is security.  And consistency means a well protected home.

So dim the lights of Friday night and see the crowds fade, but know this Ronnie Price, the crowds the memories, the fans, the glory, they mean little compared to the personal victories in life.  And we still salute you for taking your team to new heights, for peforming at your very best, for deliverying as promised.  No matter where you go in life, if you will continue to reach for new heights and  continue setting new bench marks, then you will succeed.

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