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Pests like rodents, insects and raccoons, are a common problem faced by every household sooner or later. Although they are an unwanted burden and a bother you need not worry! Some easy yet effective tips mentioned below can help you get rid of these creatures.

There are different tricks to tackle different types of pests. So be sure to read the correct guide for your unique problem.



Ants infesting house

Ants: To keep ants away make a mixture of sugar and borax, one cup each. Make the mixture in a glass quart jar and punch holes in the lid of the jar. Now sprinkle this mixture in each and every corner of the house, outdoors and indoors. Borax poisons ants and to attract ants to it you need to have sugar in the mixture. Carpenter ants are attracted to damp wood. These can be avoided by making sure that there is no leak in windowsills, the roof or pipes.

Cockroaches: To get rid of cockroaches sprinkle the borax mixture in the bathroom cabinets and also in the kitchen. Don’t sprinkle in areas within the reach of children and pets.

In the event you have wasps, bees, hornet or any other insect use insect spray or even hair spray will do the job.

Fleas: Vacuum rugs thoroughly before spraying the house. After you are done cleaning throw away the dust bags.

Mosquitoes: make sure you keep the bird bath’s water clean. Make it a habit to change it every three days. This will prevent mosquitoes from collecting.

Centipedes: If there are centipedes in your house this mean there are other insects present as well. This is because centipedes prey on other insects so if they are in the house, it is for the other insects.

Termites: Holes in the wood indicate termite presence in the house.

If you live in a multi-unit area individual efforts won’t pay off. These pests can travel from one apartment to the others. An entire building sweep is required. An effective pest control company can be a good choice for to get rid of the pest problem.

Raccoons and Rodents:


trapped grey squirrel

  • Mousetrap: Peanut butter and raw bacon are two useful baits. For peanut butter apply it on the trigger of the trap and make sure it has hardened before you set the trap. Tie bacon on the trigger of the trap.
  • Raccoons: mustard oil is a useful repellent for raccoons. Wait for the raccoon to leave and then cover the entry point. Seal all possible openings that they can enter through. Keep poison in holes and cracks of the house. You can also stuff them with some wool, steel or a scouring pad.
  • Use a compound mixture to seal the spaces and holes coupled with fragments of steel wool.

The suggestions made here are a sure thing to get rid of the pest problem. These useful tips help you keep pests and hence your worries away! Try them and you will be amazed at how useful they all are.

The author Ben suggests useful tips to keep your house free from pests. Ben writes for Eclipse Pest Control- Brisbane Pest Control, which is an effective pest control company.

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How To Treat Fire Ant Stings

Fire Ants

The Red Imported Fire ant is one of the worst species of ants found in Tulsa, OK. On top of being very aggressive and destructive, these vicious ants also bite and sting. The fire ant’s sting is what makes this pest infamous.

A human leg three days after coming in brief c...

Fire Ant Stings

If you have ever been stung by an ant, not bitten but stung; the culprit was a fire ant. Fire ants are the only stinging ant found in the United States. When stung by a fire ant, you will know it immediately. You will be in pain. The pain ranges from moderate to severe, depending on your body’s reaction to the fire ant venom. Once stung, the infected site will turn red. The area will eventually turn white and blister.

If you are stung by a fire ant, the reactions will subside after a couple days unless an infection sets in; or have insect allergies.

Common Fire Ant Sting Symptoms

  • Moderate pain
  • Burning sensation
  • Tenderness around sting site
  • Redness
  • White blisters
  • Hives
  • Inflammation
  • Itching 

Severe Fire Ant Sting Symptoms (Allergic Reaction)

  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting 

How To Treat Fire Ant Stings

If you have been stung by a fire ant, it’s important to remain calm. If you panic, your blood pressure will rise and the ant venom will spread further and faster.

If you have known insect allergies (bees), or are experiencing any of the severe fire ant sting symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. If you have been stung numerous times, having stepped on a fire ant mound for example, it’s probably a good idea to seek medical attention as well.

If you’ve been stung by a fire ant, and are not experiencing allergic reactions, you’ll likely be in pain for a few hours. Take an Advil. Clean the infected sting area with a mixture of water and bleach OR ammonia (not both). Water and meat tenderizer also works well. These concoctions will help denature the fire ant’s venom.

The pain from the fire ant sting will subside after a couple hours. The redness, the white blisters, and the itching will take a few days to alleviate.

Preventing Fire Ant Stings

In order to prevent stings from fire ants, you will need to take precautions. If you see one of the fire ant’s distinctive mounds, keep your distance. Point out fire ant mounds to your children—who are frequent sting victims. If one of these ant mounds is disturbed, the colony will spill out of the mound and defend it by attacking the perpetrator; crawling up feet and legs as they sting repeatedly.

One of the best precautions to take when dealing with fire ants is getting professional ant control. Ant control professionals are up-to-date on of the most effective methods to exterminate and control fire ants on your property.

Make the call today, and avoid getting stung by a fire ant!

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