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Top 3 Pests In Tulsa

I recently had the opportunity to talk with one of the pest management professionals at Bulwark Exterminating Broken Arrow, OK and picked their brains about all things pests. One of the questions I was most looking to get answered was “What are the most frequently called about pests in the Tulsa area?”

Here are the top three most common pests in the Tulsa area:

3. Crickets



It came to a little bit of a shock to me to hear that crickets were one of the most frequently called about pests in Tulsa. To me, crickets just seemed like a tiny nuisance; with their chirping being more a calling of summer. As a kid, I loved staying up past my bedtime, swinging on the porch swing, listening to the crickets. It was a summer right of passage of sorts. After addressing my cricket beliefs with the pest professionals at Bulwark Pest Control, I discovered just how much of a pest crickets really can be.

The truth is that crickets will attack all types of different materials, causing alarming amounts of damage. Often it is synthetic fabrics that are most damaged, although cotton, wool and silk are also attacked as well. Additionally, you never see just one cricket… they come in bunches! They will even enter our homes looking to eat any organic material they can find. On top of that, crickets like the mole cricket tear up the grass in your yard with their burrowing/nesting habits.

One of the most disheartening factors that come into play regarding crickets is that that attract other pests (like brown recluse spiders) that are looking to eat them. Serious cricket infestations require professional Tulsa cricket control.

2. Ants



One of the peskiest and annoying pests found in the Tulsa, OK area are ants. Ants come in second on our list of the most frequently called about pests; perhaps because there are so many different types that infuriate homeowners. Carpenter ants, Pharaoh ants, and the dreaded Fire ant are all common ant invaders. Tulsa is also seeing an influx of the crazy ant as well. Depending on the species of ant; ants can damage electrical equipment, destroy your yard with their massive mounds, chew through the wooden structures of your home, and inflict painful stings.

If you are frequently seeing ants crawling throughout your yard, or even entering your property, it’s best to get professional Tulsa ant control before the problem worsens.

1. Brown Recluse Spiders


Brown Recluse Spider

It should be no secret that the most frequently called about pests in Tulsa is the Brown Recluse spider. A lot of this attention is garnered from the reputation this spider has. It’s gotten to the point where if anybody even sees a brown spider in their home, they’re calling in because they’re afraid it might be a Brown Recluse. Unfortunately, this reputation is well deserved. Brown Recluse bites are dangerous, and although rare, can be deadly. A bite can even cause necrosis; a symptom in which the skin rots and dies after a bite. People are willing to deal with a few roaches in their home, but when it comes to a Brown Recluse spider, they go running for the nearest phone to get professional Tulsa Brown Recluse control.

For tips on identifying A Brown Recluse Spider, click here.

Tulsa Pest Control

If you are seeing crickets, ants, Brown Recluse spiders, or any other type of pest in or around your home in the Tulsa or Broken Arrow area, get professional pest control!

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