10 Preventative Measures To Avoid A Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Brown Recluse Spider

There’s no question that the Brown Recluse spider is on of the worst feared pests in Tulsa; unfortunately, these spiders are also some of the most common. Seeing one of these toxic spiders in your garage or shed is enough to make you lose it, but if you find one in your Tulsa home… Heaven help you!

Despite their unpopularity amongst Tulsa homeowners, I do have some fortunate news for you. First, Brown Recluse spiders are very shy and timid pests that will only bite if unintentionally (or intentionally for that matter) disturbed or threatened. Second, there are a few preventative measures that you can take as a homeowner to decrease the unlikelihood of getting bit by one of these dangerous and deadly spiders.

Here are ten preventative measures to avoid a Brown Recluse spider bite:

*** Important*** if you believe you have been bitten by a Brown Recluse spider, seek medical attention as soon as possible!

10 Preventative Measures To Avoid A Brown Recluse Spider Bite


Inside The House

1. Keep rooms very well lit. This includes opening blinds and curtains, as well as the doors to your closets. Brown Recluse spiders love hiding out in un-lit areas.

2. Keep clothing and shoes that you don’t regularly wear in sealed storage boxes, or inside sealed plastic bags. Make sure lids are airtight, and that possible box entry points are taped.

3. Never leave you laundry, whether clean or dirty, on your bedroom floor. Many Brown Recluse bites occur when handling or wearing temporarily discarded clothing.

4. Give your clothes and shoes a good shake before putting them on. A Brown Recluse pressed up against your naked self will certainly end badly!

5. Do not let any part of your bed touch the floor. This may include eliminating bed skirts. You don’t want extra company in your bed tonight… At least not company that has eight legs!

6. Move beds away from the curtains and walls in your bedroom. Before crawling into bed at night, thoroughly inspect your bed and bedding. Many Brown recluse bites occur while crawling in bed, or while sleeping.

Outside The House

7. Firewood stacked up against your home is essentially a Brown Recluse resort. These spiders will move right in! Make sure firewood is stacked away from your home, and that the pile is up off the ground and properly covered.

8. Cracks, holes, and crevices, old weather-stripping, etc… Seal them up! These make for easy access into your home.

9. Any shrubbery that is near your home (closer than 18 inches) needs to be trimmed back or replanted. Brown Recluse spiders love lurking in these secluded areas because of the abundance of water and other insect meals.

10. Tree branches will act like an interstate for Brown Recluse spiders that want to come inside your home. Trim these branches so they don’t touch you home.

Professional Black Widow Exterminators In Atlanta

If you are a Tulsa homeowner who is fearful of being bit by a Brown Recluse spider, take the above mention precautions. Additionally, it is in your best interest to contact a professional Brown Recluse Exterminator in Tulsa.

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