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How To Effectively Manage The Pests In Your Garden

Garden Pests

If you’re an avid gardener you will know that not all sides to nature are pretty. Pests are impossible to avoid completely but pests can be managed, providing that the gardener is adequately prepared. There are many methods of garden pest control and a common method is known as integrated pest management, abbreviated to IPM.

A Basic Definition Of IPM

IPM is a relatively common sense approach which involves a gardener understanding when a problem might occur and why. With this knowledge, a driver can try to prevent the pest problem from occurring in the first place and keep a close eye on their garden when pests do appear. Ideally, integrated pest management methods would prevent pest damage using the most economical, non-hazardous methods available.

How To Prevent Pests Appearing In Your Garden

IPM isn’t a single method of pest control, it is an ongoing preventative process. In order to prevent pest problems from occurring in the first place, research the insects that affect your area and avoid planting seeds that are susceptible. You should also grow trap crops to divert any garden pests from your plants. If there are any insects which would benefit your crop, encourage them to live in your garden. Always be sure to remove any plants which are diseased and during the Autumn, remove any falling leaves. If you allow leaves to rest on your crops, this provides shelter for pests.

Monitoring Pests In Your Garden

Keep a very close eye on your garden for the first signs of pests. If your plants contain holes, begin to wilt or change color, this could be the sign of pests. Always be sure to check under the leaves for pests. Before treating a pest problem, try to determine where it came from. Different pest solutions apply to different problems. If the issue is a disease, insecticide will not help.

Considering How Much Action To Take

It is important to consider whether the problem is a one off, temporary or permanent so you can treat the issue accordingly. If you have only seen one pest, that doesn’t mean you need to go mad and stock up on pest control problems. Is the pest doing harm to your plants? Once you remove the pest, will be problem be gone? It is important to put your pest problem into perspective and act appropriately rather than panicking at the first sign of an insect.

Keeping Pests Under Control

Once you have established that you do have a pest problem that needs to be tackled, try to treat the problem with minimal chemicals until you have to. A great natural way to avoid pests is to divert them using crops or sticky bands. You may find that removing pests with your hands quickly resolves the problem. When you need to use pesticides, be sure to get the right one. For vegetable crops, you will need a pesticide that is suitable for human consumption, look out for a non-toxic label on the bottle.

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