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Tulsa Facing Invasion of Black Widows

 The Infamous Black Widow Spider

That infamous red hour-glass … It’s an image etched in the minds of anybody who’s had an encounter with a Black Widow spider. Her long slender black legs and her glossy black abdomen give her a certain well respected aura… A respect she has earned with her menacing bites.

Just the sight of a Black Widow is enough to frighten any Tulsa, OK homeowner; especially if the homeowner has young children. Younger children are more vulnerable to her venomous bite. Tulsa residents know she is not to be messed with.

Black Widows Invading Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma Poison Control is now informing the State’s residents that there are more Black Widow spiders than normal this year. The mild weather has allowed the dangerous spider to thrive, and that means there numbers are up.

In the wake of 60 reported Black Widow spider bites this year, Oklahoma’s Poison Control Clinical Supervisor, Randy Badillo, says,

“The numbers, by all accounts, are dramatically increased right now. You may get bit.”

Black Widow Spider Eating Something

Black Widow Spider Bites

A Black Widow bite is rarely fatal. Bites are recognized by sharp, shooting pains up and down your body near the bite. Look for a raised bump surrounded by a red ring. The bump will have two fang marks, and begin to change colors to a black, blue, purple, yellow or brown. As time progresses, you may also experience severe muscle cramps or spasms, nausea, vomiting, seizure, and an increase in blood pressure.

If you are bitten by a Black Widow, remain calm. Try to safely capture the spider just in case medical professionals need to identify it. Wash the bite with warm water, soap, and clean it with an antiseptic. Elevate the bitten area to prevent the venom from spreading. Take a pain reliever and apply an ice pack to limit the swelling.

If you start to experience severe muscle cramps or spasms, nausea, vomiting, seizure, and an increase in blood pressure, SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY!

Black Widow Precautions

If you are seeing a Black Widow, you are already too close. Black Widows like to hide in dark places where they will not be disturbed by anything other than their favorite insect meal. They will build their webs underneath lawn furniture, on a seldom used tricycle, and under sprinkler control boxes.

Make sure that you shake out your shoes or boots if you ever leave them outside or in your garage. An unsuspecting foot is often times the victim of a Black Widow bite. Badillo also said:

“Before you get into your lawn chair, fold it open, bang it around. Make sure he’s not hanging around in your seat. We had a call like that recently.”

Experts also recommend pest control solutions if you are frequently seeing Black Widow spiders on your property.

Spider Control in Tulsa

Black Widow spider bites can be scary. They are painful, and can even cause death in very rare instances. Black Widows are also unsightly on your property. You do not want them in inside your homes, hiding in your garages, spinning webs in your basements, or hunting for insects in your tool shed. If you want to eliminate spiders, you need to get more than just general pest control, you need spider control! Ask a Tulsa spider control professional about keeping these pests away from you and your family.

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