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Bulwark Customers Speak

Jannis says:

“We could not be more pleased with the service we have received from Bulwark. Both Jarom and Derrick have always been agreeable, helpful, and very capable. They have helped us with all kinds of critters. Both of them are heroes in my book. They are always prompt, and willing to come back when necessary. I have never before had a service that did such a great job.”

Marcee says:

“I have been a customer of Bulwark’s since they started here in Tulsa, OK. I have never had a problem. They come every month. If I need extra service they come back for free, (only had to once), and they have gotten rid of my spiders. So great spider control, great pest control, bug control, or whatever you want to call it. I recommend them to all my friends.”

Kristen says

“I love Bulwark exterminating. I signed up with there termite service and love it. Louie has always been prompt and very helpful. Bulwark comes out anytime there is a problem and address the problem quickly and courteously.”

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Tulsa Roaches Love Donuts


Roaches love eating the food inside your home. If it’s sweet, if it’s starchy, or if it’s both, it’s one of a roaches favorite things to eat. Yes, that includes donuts. Keep these dirty, disease spreading roaches outside of your kitchen or home by enlisting the services of a cockroach exterminator… And not just any exterminator, you want the best! You want Bulwark Exterminating’s professional roach control service in Tulsa, OK.

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Pest Control Tulsa

Tulsa pest control

Tulsa is home to almost 400 thousand people. With all the people in Tulsa, there are a lot of homes that have pests. With so many homes with pests, Tulsa has a lot of pest control companies.  SO, how do you know what pest control company in Tulsa will protect your home properly?  Here are a few helpful tips to help save you money and headaches in the long run.

Look For A Pest Control Company That Does In-Wall Treatments 

When looking for a pest control company make sure they do an in wall treatment. Most pests will live inside the walls of your home. Pests really like this area mainly because it will protect them from the heat in the hot summer months, and it will also keep them warm during the cold winter months. Most pest control companies will just treat around the baseboard. Spraying around the baseboard will only kill some of the pests. A reputable pest control company places a product directly inside the wall, which will kill the pest at the source of the infestation.

Look For A Pest Control Company That Does A Power Spray 

The in wall treatment will do an excellent job on kill all the pests inside your home, but what about the outside. Preventing the pests from coming inside the walls takes additional efforts outside as well. Pest control treatments that are done correctly will have a power spray done around the foundation of the home. The power spray will have enough power to penetrate into the soil and under the rocks around the home. The power spray will also be able to place a strong barrier around your home; this will kill any pest trying to sneak in.


Look For A Pest Control Company That Granulates 

The power spray will work very will at preventing pest from coming in, but you also need to kill the pests at the source of the problem. Most pests will live at the base of plants and trees. At the base, pests will eat the roots and drink the water from the drippers. Using a product call granules will help kill the entire pest problem. The granules are activated from the water, and then the product will seep down to the base of the plants. If this part of the treatment is not done you will continue to see and here more pests.

Look For A Pest Control Company That Has Good Reviews 

Doing this kind of treatment will control the entire pest problem at your home. All three parts must be done or the problem will only get worse. A lot of pest control companies will try to do short cuts and cheat to save money. To see if a company is doing this, check reviews that costumers have posted.  Companies that use short cuts will have little to no reviews on the service. A company that is not taking any short cuts and controlling the pest will have the opposite, therefore have more reviews.  Good places to see how companies rate up are Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Family Own Pest Control, and Angie’s list.  Doing this is the easiest way to see how other pest control companies work, and if they really are doing their job.

Pest Control Tulsa 

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Top 3 Pests In Tulsa

I recently had the opportunity to talk with one of the pest management professionals at Bulwark Exterminating Broken Arrow, OK and picked their brains about all things pests. One of the questions I was most looking to get answered was “What are the most frequently called about pests in the Tulsa area?”

Here are the top three most common pests in the Tulsa area:

3. Crickets



It came to a little bit of a shock to me to hear that crickets were one of the most frequently called about pests in Tulsa. To me, crickets just seemed like a tiny nuisance; with their chirping being more a calling of summer. As a kid, I loved staying up past my bedtime, swinging on the porch swing, listening to the crickets. It was a summer right of passage of sorts. After addressing my cricket beliefs with the pest professionals at Bulwark Pest Control, I discovered just how much of a pest crickets really can be.

The truth is that crickets will attack all types of different materials, causing alarming amounts of damage. Often it is synthetic fabrics that are most damaged, although cotton, wool and silk are also attacked as well. Additionally, you never see just one cricket… they come in bunches! They will even enter our homes looking to eat any organic material they can find. On top of that, crickets like the mole cricket tear up the grass in your yard with their burrowing/nesting habits.

One of the most disheartening factors that come into play regarding crickets is that that attract other pests (like brown recluse spiders) that are looking to eat them. Serious cricket infestations require professional Tulsa cricket control.

2. Ants



One of the peskiest and annoying pests found in the Tulsa, OK area are ants. Ants come in second on our list of the most frequently called about pests; perhaps because there are so many different types that infuriate homeowners. Carpenter ants, Pharaoh ants, and the dreaded Fire ant are all common ant invaders. Tulsa is also seeing an influx of the crazy ant as well. Depending on the species of ant; ants can damage electrical equipment, destroy your yard with their massive mounds, chew through the wooden structures of your home, and inflict painful stings.

If you are frequently seeing ants crawling throughout your yard, or even entering your property, it’s best to get professional Tulsa ant control before the problem worsens.

1. Brown Recluse Spiders


Brown Recluse Spider

It should be no secret that the most frequently called about pests in Tulsa is the Brown Recluse spider. A lot of this attention is garnered from the reputation this spider has. It’s gotten to the point where if anybody even sees a brown spider in their home, they’re calling in because they’re afraid it might be a Brown Recluse. Unfortunately, this reputation is well deserved. Brown Recluse bites are dangerous, and although rare, can be deadly. A bite can even cause necrosis; a symptom in which the skin rots and dies after a bite. People are willing to deal with a few roaches in their home, but when it comes to a Brown Recluse spider, they go running for the nearest phone to get professional Tulsa Brown Recluse control.

For tips on identifying A Brown Recluse Spider, click here.

Tulsa Pest Control

If you are seeing crickets, ants, Brown Recluse spiders, or any other type of pest in or around your home in the Tulsa or Broken Arrow area, get professional pest control!

Bulwark Exterminating
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Effective Flying Termite Control Tips

winged termiteFlying termites are one of the most annoying pests that are twice as likely to damage your home as regular termites. What makes flying termites very difficult to control is the fact that they can easily fly from one location in your home to the next. This essentially means that if you spot them near your cupboard and spray some type of extermination chemical they may still survive if they flew to a nearby food cabinet or into your pantry. So, as soon as you spot even one flying termite near your premises or in your premises its time to exterminate with extreme prejudice. That said it’s not easy to kill these otherwise resilient pests.

Flying Termite Control Steps

If you want to get rid of flying termites effectively the below tips offer a good starting point.

Step no. 1: Scrape their Nest

Termites cannot help but to leave a trail of wood fillings and dirt. This trail almost always leads to their nest which looks as if it’s something that is built out from the woodwork. The nest can vary in size but it’s almost always solid and gray or brown in color. Once you have identified the nest you should scrape it off using a metal blade. After the nest has been removed the termites that inhabited the nest will be forced to relocate. Hopefully, this will disrupt their activity enough to give you time (usually around 24 hours) to get all the stuff you need to exterminate them completely from your property.

Step no. 2: Treat with Orange oil

Now, if you do not have many termites to deal with i.e. a minimal infestation then orange oil spray is the best solution. Orange oil can be purchased for a few dollars from any hardware surplus store and is a natural termite repellant. It is harmless to human beings and pets and all you have to do is load a regular spray bottle with the liquid and spray it anywhere you see the termites. Also spray wooden furniture that are not yet infested with these pests.

Step no. 3: Secure your wooden possessions

There are a number of effective flying termite control pesticides that can be purchased over the counter and be applied to everything made of wood in your home. However, since these consists of various chemicals make sure that they are as per your building’s regulations because you certainly do not want to be fined for using chemicals that are not allowed. That said splashing these termite control sprays should help to secure almost everything. Furniture you cannot spray or do not want to spray should be varnished every year to safeguard them against termites in general.

Step no. 4: Preventing future infestations

Once you have run through the steps given above you should have gotten rid of 90% of the termites in your home. However, the next step in termite control especially if you are already living in a home that was infested before many times or near a home that is infested use poisonous termite control baits. These often consist of a number of different types of treated natural plants that kill termite naturally. When one termite takes the bait it spreads over to the entire termite colony hence saving you the trouble. The only thing you need to be careful of is to purchase natural termite control baits.

Professional Services

In most homes professional termite control services may not be needed unless the home has not been lived in for a long time due to which it has severe infestation. It may also be needed if all the above procedures were not effective or cannot be performed. Hiring an expert team can save time but they are also expensive. If the infestation was widespread apart from getting rid of the termites you’ll also have to get a lot of the wood around your home replaced since termites will certainly reduce the reliability of everything made from wood. If your home is mostly made from wood, consider extensive renovations prior to moving back in with your family. Then proper termite control measures can be put in place to prevent any future infestations.

Manu Alias is one of the leading experts on flying termite control in Australia. He has authored a number of books and manuals on the subject. His techniques are used by some of the best professionals in the country to get rid of termite infestation. Forensic Pest Control Facebook, Google +

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Are There Scorpions In Tulsa?

Striped Scorpion

If you are a Tulsa homeowner, you likely already know the answer to the question, “Are there scorpions in Tulsa?”

You’ve seen them inside your home. You’ve seen them scurrying around your property. The truth is that scorpions are actually pretty common in Tulsa, and there’s one species of scorpion that is primary to blame for infesting your home and property.

I’m referring to the Striped Bark scorpion (Centruroides vittatus), and they are the most common and widespread scorpion found in all of Oklahoma. Despite their well-known reputation, there is so much more to this pest than a painful sting.

Here is what you need to know about Tulsa’s Striped Bark scorpion:

Striped Scorpion’s Description


Most Striped scorpions are a dark tan color, with almost a hint of orange or even dark gold. These colors do vary from scorpion to scorpion depending on their surroundings and even their age. These scorpions will reach lengths of over 2 ½ inches, and are easily identifiable because of the two distinct stripes they have running down their back. When comparing different scorpion species, Striped Bark scorpions will have longer and more slender tails.

Where To Find Striped Scorpions


Like I mentioned before, Striped scorpions are found in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma. Also prominent in states like Texas and New Mexico, they frequent much of the south central United States.


Outside, Striped scorpions will shack up underneath any type of cover they can find. They do this because they are looking for protections from the elements and other predators; not to mention that is where they find the insects they love munching on. Watch for them under rocks, boards, and other debris in your yard, and inside the cracks and crevices of stone walls, bricks, stones, and other landscaping features.


Striped scorpions are nocturnal, so you won’t usually see them wandering around inside your home during the day. During these daylight hours, they’re hiding out in wall voids, attics, or any other hidden location.

Preventing Striped Scorpions In My Tulsa Home


Striped Scorpion

Unfortunately, it’s really challenging to find out exactly how many scorpions are infesting your home or property at any given time. The first place to start is with a black light flashlight, searching the entirety of you home at night when the scorpions are active. They are actually pretty easy to spot, as they will glow a bright neon blue when the black light hits them.

If you only find a few, carefully smash them with a shovel or other blunt object. A thick boot works well too. If you are still finding them get professional help.

Call a Tulsa scorpion control professional today!

Tulsa Scorpion Exterminators


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OK Wildlife Control
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